Thank you for your interest in setting up an accounting system for your  business. To better understand your needs and estimate the time required, please provide the following information:

1. Business Information

  • Business Name:
  • Type of Business (e.g., sole proprietorship, LLC, corporation):
  • Number of Locations (if applicable):

2. Current Financial Status

  • Are you currently using any accounting software? (If yes, please specify)
  • Do you have historical financial data that needs to be migrated? (Yes/No)
    • If yes, please briefly describe the data and its format.

3. Complexity of Operations

  • Briefly describe your business operations and any unique financial considerations:

4. Number of Products or Services

  • How many different products or services does your business offer?
  • Are there any specific inventory or pricing considerations for these products/services?

5. Reporting and Customization Needs

  • Do you have specific reporting requirements or customization preferences for the accounting system?

6. User Familiarity

  • Are you or your team already familiar with any accounting software? (If yes, please specify)
  • How comfortable are you with using technology and accounting software on a scale of 1 (novice) to 5 (expert)?

7. Assistance Preferences

  • Do you plan to set up the accounting system yourself, or would you prefer professional assistance?
  • If you prefer professional assistance, please specify any particular requirements or expectations.

8. Timeline

  • When do you aim to have the accounting system fully operational?

9. Additional Comments

  • Please provide any additional comments or information you think would be helpful.

10. Contact Information

  • Name:
  • Email Address:
  • Phone Number:

11. Preferred Method of Contact

  • How would you like us to get in touch with you to discuss your accounting system setup needs? (Email/Phone)

12. Consent

  • I consent to having my information collected and used for the purpose of estimating the time required for setting up the accounting system.

[ ] Yes, I consent.

This questionnaire will help us assess your requirements and provide you with a more accurate estimate of the time and resources needed for setting up your accounting system. Thank you for your cooperation.