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If you are a mid-sized or smaller distributor and/or manufacturer looking to streamline your operations in a cost-effective, accessible, and secure way, Sage 100 is the answer. This software is one of the most comprehensive business management suites available.

Its modular design gives you the flexibility to choose the functionality and platform that best suits your business needs. Its scalability offers assurance that when your needs change you can add modules and expand while continuing to use the same interface, making the system even more powerful.

With Sage 100, you get a system with a broad selection of feature-rich solutions, including core accounting, business intelligence tools, customer relationship management, e-commerce, HR and payroll, manufacturing, and distribution. Sage 100 offers maximum flexibility to drive profits up and costs down.

Sage 100 is also intuitive, with a user-centered design, contextual information, and related tasks to increase your productivity and streamline your workflows. Innovative customization makes it easy and safe to upgrade, keeping the total cost of ownership low.

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