Site Survey



In order to find out what your exact IT needs are, and we need to do a site survey then this is the service that will help you and help us to get accurate information about the environment, your existing facility and equipment and ways to improve delivery of the technology you need. Here is the list of technologies need site survey:

1- Managed Services: in order to find out what computers, printers, server or other IT devices you have in your premise we send one of our engineers to collect accurate information about your hardware, software and network configuration

2- Security System: we will look at your walls, ceiling, and other environment variables, draw a blue print and recommend theĀ  best place for cameras, DVR or NVR

3- Network system: If you want to have a good network ( wireless or Wired) and use printers, scanners, phone systems, Voip, Audio and video and manage them on your network



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