To set up a remote monitoring system for your security company that has many cameras in different sites, you will need the following equipment:

Security Cameras: You will need 100 security cameras to install at each site. The type and model of the cameras will depend on the specific needs of each location.

Network Video Recorder (NVR): An NVR is the device that records the video footage from the cameras. You will need a high-capacity NVR that can handle the storage requirements for all cameras.

Hard Drives: You will need several high-capacity hard drives to store the video footage from the cameras.

Switches: You will need network switches to connect the cameras and the NVR to the network.

Network Cabling: You will need network cabling to connect the cameras, NVR, and

switches to the network.

Power Supply: You will need a reliable and stable power supply to ensure the cameras and NVR are always operational.

Internet Connection: You will need a stable and high-speed internet connection to enable remote access to the system.

Remote Monitoring Software: You will need software that enables remote access to the system, allowing you to view the live and recorded footage from any location.

Monitors: You will need monitors to view the video footage and system status in real-time.

Backup Power: You may also need a backup power supply, such as a generator or UPS, to ensure that the system remains operational during power outages or other emergencies.

It’s important to note that the specific equipment you need may vary depending on the requirements of your system and the locations where the cameras will be installed. It’s best to consult with us ( your professional security system provider ) to ensure you have the appropriate equipment for your specific needs.