Business moves at the speed of thought and a competitive edge is measured in seconds and minutes—not days or weeks. With this deck, you’ll gain relevant and informative insights into an industry that is revolutionizing businesses worldwide, as well as learn what makes up the pillars of a successful IoT strategy regardless of your industry. You’ll also learn how Microsoft Azure IoT is leading the industry in terms of security, ease of deployment, integration, and scalability, plus have the opportunity to read through several success stories from industry leaders that demonstrate how Azure IoT is driving immense revenue for some of the market’s top players.

FINNING | Customer Value of Self-Service IoT Apps on the Azure Cloud from Digital GTM on Vimeo.

How do you calculate the ROI for a successful digital transformation strategy? For FINNING, it was easy: increased satisfaction and loyalty, as well as major advances in productivity for itself and its customers. Watch this video to learn how #Microsoft #AzureIoT can optimize your business, and contact IT SERVICES ASAP for more information.

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